Club Members and Their Cars

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Laurel McKee & 1965 Marlin
Laurel McKee and her 1965 Marlin
Standing Around
Standing around doing nothing: John Gumbinger and Jerry Knutsen
1966 Marlin
Bob Hull and his 1966 Marlin
1964 American
Lynn and Francis Marshall and Lynn's 1964 American Convertible
1966 Rebel
Mike Howard and his 1966 Classic Rebel
1966 Classic
Here comes trouble: John Gumbinger & friends in Rob Lees' 1966 Classic 770 Convertible
1963 American
Karen Mataya and Linda Odette with 1963 Rambler American Convertible
Karen and Linda
Karen and Linda sharing a snack with Bart, Karen's 1960 Ambassador
1964 Classic
Doug Patton in his 1964 Classic 770
1964 Classic
Tom Patton and his 1964 Classic 770
Taking a Break
Taking a Break: Seated, left to right: Jean Olmstead, John Newhouse, Rich Olmstead, & Jerry Knutsen

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